Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oedipus and Antigone Test

Question #1

In real life a human being has to make a choice of fate or free will. I believe you can only have one of them control your life. I believe in fate more than free will. When you believe in fate that means that your life is already planned and you are just living it out. There is no free will in this world because that means there would be no rules and everything would go crazy. I think if you are trying to change your plans it will prove that it is futile and a waist of you time. Life is just something that you have to live out and experience it.

If I believed in free will and not fate for an instint, when we are talking about fate controlling of how you were born. I don’t believe in that fate controlled that I was born I boy. It is called genetics, science and luck. When we are talking about where my parents first met it was because of there friends. They first met at Burger King and it was more of free will and was planned out between the friends. I can say that free will is where they had the choice to have me and where i took my first breathe. This was up to them and not fate.

This whole thing about fate vs. free will is all up to the person or the human being. This all depends on what you believe in and how you make choices, that are free will or have something unavoidably befalls on you. I believe in both just I don’t believe that fate and free will can control your life.

Question #2

When it comes to lying about something it all depends on what you want other people to believe. I don’t really thing it is “OK” to lie but I would rather hear the truth and not something that is made up, just to make the story seem better than it actually is. Yes there are some instance when we do not - or even should not- want to know or tell the truth because sometimes the truth can hurt. Knowing that the truth is something that can make you mad, i would rather not hear the truth so lying about that would be fine. Also knowing what the problem was would still be in question.

Last month it was a great time in my best friends life. He got himself a girlfriend. It was the first time in months. He was so excited with this. She was a worker at McCray's farm as an creamery girl. He was a town worker he was part of the DPW. They had a relationship that was only as good as someone wanted to make it. When it was near the end of the relationship she was starting to lie to him of what she was doing and who she was hanging out with. She was lying to him because she didn’t want to hurt him because she was starting to see other people. She was doing this for his best interest and not hers. A time when I got lied to  was because I would of rather heard the truth but actually I wanted to hear the truth was only a couple of months ago and I was with a hanging out with a girl, she said something to me that I knew was not the truth, it hurt me that she had to lie to me to make it seem like a better situation but actually it made me feel bad. What I was doing if someone that I can tell someone anything would lie to me over something stupid.

What I can say about lying and telling the truth is that they both can hurt you as a person, lying is not good and if you do it all the time you can come a pathological lier and that is not good. There are times when you have to lie to help the situation or to get yourself out of trouble. But telling the truth can hurt just as much as telling someone a lie.  I also do not think to truth can set you free.

Question #3

Sigmund Freud’s Oedipus Complex is basically when you are a little boy you have the desire to sleep with your mother and you want to kill your father. Throughout the life stages from being born to 13 years of age you get rid of the desire and learn how to control your sexual needs, and how to complete your life goals. This works with Oedipus when he killed his father and then me married his mother and had kids.

I do not think there is some truth to Freud's complex. I just don’t believe that all males have that feeling that they want to sleep with there mother and kill there father. I just don’t believe it can happen. But I do believe in the sexual development stages it makes perfect sense everyone has to go through those stages, but the ages may vary. The main part is that everything that is included in these stages are true.

One point that I can argue with the Oedipus complex is that wen we are all little boys we are all attached to our mothers and we hate when we leave them. So in my point that can support it with being attached to our mother. Maybe you want the father wanting to get out of the picture so we would have to kill him. But who knows we can’t remember it anyways. One point that I can argue against it is that we are all just kids. Who remembers when they were little and how do we know what killing is and what sleeping with our mother is. We are only little kids and there is no way possible that we could think of this.

Question #4
In the story of Antigone, Antigone breaks the law to do something right for her brother. She is unwilling to allow her brother to be dishonored. Where I think she gets the courage that makes her go against the law and risk death is that she wants to do the right thing. She had the choice to do nothing or do risk it all, and that is what she did. She wanted to save her brother at all costs and that is what a good sister is for.

With the rules and laws today I think you have the choice of what to break and what to bend. The thing is that the laws you bend or break are something that is not life threatening. I chose a law that i can break but not get in any trouble or I get caught. I do something that is small and that I can Wiesel are way out. What i break is staying out past my driving curfew. Bend is driving over the speed limit, and what I follow is never drinking and driving.

What an unfair law is something that only goes to a certain people. You can also work around this law and manipulate this. A fair law is something that works for everyone and anyone who gets caught gets the same punishment and there is no way to work around it. It just happens and works like that.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

College Essay

A. why i chose this essay over all my others is that this is the one i can really relate to. this is the most recent thing that has changed my life and also how many people do you know helped out on a t.v. 
show and be one of only thousands that has gave there own time to change others life.

B. What i think this essay does well or effectively is that it shows how i feel about this topic and how one thing can change your life forever.

C. What i think my essay can use is better vocab and a strong word and sentence structure.

D. After reading this essay does this point me out from other people?

It all starts when you get into high school, the teacher, parents, and your peers always ask you some type of form of this question, “ Can you make a difference in this world, if so what will you do”. This is a very difficult question for me to answer. What we first have to say is how can you make a difference in this world? What does it mean a big difference? For me with life is that if you can just change the world for a couple of people.

In my senior I helped out on a TV show called Extreme Makeover Home Edition, which is helping families in need that are struggling due to family problems or something deathly. With the family that I helped out was a family that one of her sons had committed suicide due to bulling from his peers. When I was there i helped out in the interior of the house. My dad and I and his boss were asked to help out and donate some of there products. So when I was asked to help them out unloading and helping bring the material into the house I was not going to hesitate. I helped out for 6 hours with putting the walls up. Sheet-rocking was something that I helped out in and you get down and dirty with white soot all over your face like you just dumped a gallon of paint all over your body and face.

The people that I met at this house wanted to make a difference no matter if it was. If they had to close there own business and use there own workers for free it was not a problem. They wanted to do this for a reason. This may be for free but you get more out of this experience then what you came in here. I also met the family, when you seen there faces right in front of you it makes you think about everything that you have done. You also think of everything that they lost and how hard it was to lose a family member. This makes me think that I made a difference in this life for these people. Life is hard and life is troubling and no matter what there will always be people who want to help out.

So when teachers ask me what I did the made the world a better place I always think of this. I know I only may of helped out for 6 hours but during that time it made me think that with only a little time you can make a big change in just a small world. I will always remember this and helping out with this family. This experience and there look on their faces will always be engraved in my time for eternity.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I'd like to know more about his visit. i want to know why he has not seen him in many years even when they were buddies in the war. I also want to know why he kept the old pictures of everyone from the war. I also would like to know why these grown men that seen all there friends from the war get shot and when they think about and look at them start crying and realizing that life is hard and short. I also would like to know how they remember what all there  friends had for supplies that was personal for them.

I liked the way the writer used stories and life events that was used in the first chapter. I just liked how they also met and caught up after many years and they still remember what life was like in the war. I also liked how Martha and Jimmy still try to make something between them both and at the college reunion nothing had changed Jimmy was still in love with Martha and for the whole time they spent together.

In the book it recalls many thing that the soldiers carry. The main things that they carried was P-38 can openers, pocket knives,heats tabs, wristwatches, dog tags, mosquito repellent, chewing gum, candy, cigarettes, salt tablets, packets of cool aid, lighters, matches, sewing kits, military payment certificates, C rations, and two or three canteens of water. These were very heavy but every man needed all these things to survive. Some men carried love notes to remember what is back home and what they are living for. Dave Jensen practiced field hygiene carried a toothbrush, dental floss and hotel size soap bars, that he stole from Sydney, Australia. Some men carried extra socks, foot powder, dope, condoms, diary, comic books, the New Testament, hunting jacket, flak jacket for bombs, and each man carried a large compressed bandage, ponchos, they all had photos of family and loved ones. Each man had there own reason why they carried there own things, it was to survive and last as long as they could.

What tangible item that I would carry is many photos of my family and friends, and loved ones. I would carry love letters for sure. I would always carry extra supplies like extra food, medical supplies, cloths, socks. I would always have a bible or some type of religion book. I would always have things that would make my life easier for life in an area that you don't know and you just want to leave.

Why I would carry these things is to make my life easier. In life when you can only carry things that you absolutely need, you carry things that you are close to and when you are feeling down you can look at them and make your day seem better and it brightens up your mood. That is life and its short and you need to make a bad situation a good one.

Why this is important to me is because the physical things that you can carry can only go so deep with you. Only are only so many things that you can carry and the importance of this is that you are living and you are heathy, and you may live another day if you are smart.

What Intangible things that I would carry is my first love, my child hood memories. The moments that I spent time with the people that I care about. I would take the moments that took my breath away, the memories that changed my life forever, and anything that made me feel like I changed the world for the better.

What this Intangible does is for me is make me remember what I am missing and what I left behind. It makes for want to go back and continue and not stop here and have everything you made for the better go down the drain. life is hard and the only way to deal with it is just by remembering and forgiving and forgetting.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friends For Life

( The Kite Runner, Friday Night Lights )

It was just another day, waiting for school to start . Its going be a long and hot summer down in
Odessa, Texas. Everybody is gone and everyone is busy. The town seems like it is about to change, for the better or for the worse, I don't know. This is a new thing for this town. The whites and the blacks to be together. The thing is I am not the only one. I am one of many. This town is not a colored town. Its one that the white people rule, the school, the teams, and everything else. I am new here and so far i don't like it at all. They all treat me like I am dirt and a useless person. The thing is, that is not me! You have to get to know who I am. The person that knows me the best is one of my friends Hassan. I am Boobie Miles.
             "Hey whats up, don't you remember me...... Boobie....... Miles?"
             "Course I know who you are, I'm just playing around with you" Hassan replied.
             "I know! just was checking, I haven't seen you for a couple of weeks, where have you been."
             "I have been working my tail off. I've just been so busy and Babas and Amir,  they are just keep bust and i just don't have much time for myself to see you and the boys." He said is a sad voice.
             " I understand, work is a pain but guess what, you know whats coming up in the next couple of weeks? Come on everyone knows what is coming, the best part of the year." Boobie said excitedly.

But by the time he turned around he was gone. Not knowing what to do I just starting walking down the street not knowing where to go but I didn't care what I was doing. I just wanted to look around and see what this town was all about. So i started my journey but when I was looking around in the shops the people in them where staring at me with this face that was indescribable, it looked like a ghost walk through them. So I ended my walk that was turned into a sprint right after they saw me. But I needed to get home before something bad could of happened and school was Tomorrow.

Its the next day and it is also the first day of school. So i meet up with Hassan before we get on the bus and head to school.
             " You ready for this?" said is a nervous voice
             " What do you mean, what do you know that i don't?" Boobie said scratching his head.
             " Do you know that we are now going to an all white school now, sense they shut down ours."
             " Oh shoot, I forgot about that. That is going to suck!!"
             " I know, but you got to remember I got your back no matter what. What ever you need, any time I got you. We need to watch out for each other. That is what friends are for." said Hassan enthusiastic but also in a nervous tone of voice. 

So we both get to school and when we step off the bus, and all hell breaks loose. There are crowds around us on each side of us with signs, screaming at me.
             " We don't need you here, leave or face the consequences, Negro's are not wanted!!!" people are just screaming in our face. We only understanding some things but not caring what they say because no matter what happens Hassan has my back. 

After that the day was kind of just another day except of people screaming in my ear. I see Hassan in the hallways but only get to talk to him just a little bit until lunch. But what he tells me at lunch is surprising. But the thing is he only said 

              " There was a reason why I was out for a couple of weeks, it was not because i was working but something happened and I am afraid of telling you in front of people, meet me at the football field at 3 and I will tell you. You must not say anything about this. You are my friend and I trust you and you must not say anything." Hassan said shaking like an earthquake and his arm gripping my shoulder. 

So I meet him after school and to my amazement he was there and was starring at me. Our eyes locked and he sat me down at the 50 yard line and he said these words to me that I will never get out of my my head. " I was raped"..........